Marriott May Leave Cuba, Yet American Claims Against Cuba Unresolved

According to news reports Marriott International, the only U.S. company that has operated a hotel in Cuba since 2016, may have to close its operations in Cuba before the end of the summer. Poblete Tamargo’s Jason Poblete was interviewed by AmericaTeve about the announcement.

According to AmericaTeve “the announcement that Marriot will have to close its operations on the island comes shortly after Washington blacklisted FINCIMEX, the Cuban military company that handles remittances to Cuba, sent among other companies by Western Union and at a time when It is believed that there will be more sanctions on Havana, among them, the possibility of it returning to the list of countries that sponsor terrorism.”

Poblete discussed the firm’s May 20, 2018 lawsuit against the U.S. State Department demanding the release of records related to settling U.S.-Cuba property claims, particularly records from the time leading up to President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Cuba.

You can view the interview by following this link.