International Claims Law

The United States has a long-standing tradition of resolving the international disputes that its nationals have against foreign governments through the international claims law process. The U.S. seeks to make Americans whole and thereby achieving justice when their rights have been violated by a foreign government. There are many ways to resolve international claim disputes.

For example, the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States of the Department of Justice (FCSC) is an independent commission charged with evaluating the claims of U.S. persons against foreign governments. The claims process works is one of two ways. First, the American claim may be evaluated before a settlement agreement is achieved with the offending country, as in the case of the Cuba Claims Program. The second way a claim could be evaluated is after a settlement agreement is achieved with the offending country and the U.S., as in the case of the Albania or the Libya Claims Programs.

Out of the forty-seven claims programs administered by the FCSC, against eighteen countries, only two programs have not been successfully settled: Cuba and the Soviet claims programs. Over fifty years have passed since these claims were evaluated and certified by the FCSC. There are many Americans who are not even aware that they may be a successor in interest of possibly a significant claim against the governments of Russia or Cuba. 

PobleteTamargo understands this claims process and is prepared to effectively assist certified claimants with their claims or to assist potential claimants in future claims programs.

Services offered by PobleteTamargo include:

  1. Legal analysis and perfection of the claim;
  2. Representation in support of the claimant before the State Department, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Justice, the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, the Congress, and the White House;
  3. Serve as counsel or agent on behalf of the claimant with regards to all issues affecting the claim; 
  4. The drafting of settlement agreements and related transactional documents; and,
  5. Monitor and keep the claimant informed regarding relevant developments that could impact the claim including U.S. or foreign litigation.

Our attorneys have advised individuals and corporations on resolving international claims as well as other commercial transactions involving foreign governments as well as transactions between private parties involving the transfer of real and personal property. 

We look forward to assisting claimants with these complex legal matters. 

Guam War Claims Program

Claims Against the Government of Cuba:

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U.S. Government websites of interest:

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