Congressional Investigations & Oversight

The U.S legislative process is a dynamic system affording you many opportunities to shape public policy and lawmaking. To be effective, preparation is essential. To make the most of your proposed public policy strategy on Capitol Hill, you must always factor in issue ripeness, stakeholders, cost, and tax ramifications, to name a few.

In addition to administrative and regulatory law, individuals and companies can also be subject to various forms of Congressional inquiries. Of all Congressional powers, oversight is one of its most powerful tools. Congressional inquiries arise in multiple manners ranging from requests for information from individual Members of Congress to subpoenas from Congressional Committees.

Congressional inquiries often have simultaneous ramifications: legal, political, and public relations. Matters can be referred for criminal prosecution or result in stringent legislative action. Many times activities may involve a great deal of media scrutiny.  Our attorneys and public policy advisors served in senior positions on Capitol Hill and are experienced with Congressional oversight practices, rules, and procedures. 

Services include:

  1. Witness preparation & Congressional Investigations;
  2. Legislative drafting and implementation;
  3. Public Policy White Paper research and drafting;
  4. Compliance with public disclosure rules;
  5. Strategic Policy Development and Project Management;
  6. Government relations counsel for individuals, corporations, non-profits, governments, and international organizations; and
  7. Policy intelligence and analysis.

Congressional and other websites of interest:

  • United States House of Representatives (HoR)
  • United States Senate (USS)
  • Clerk of the House of Representatives (Public Disclosure)
  • Senate Office of Public Records (Public Disclosure)
  • Library of Congress (LOC)
  • The White House (EOP)
  • Department of Justice, Foreign Agent Registration Unit (FARA)