Congressional Witness Preparation

While there are some technical similarities, preparing a witness to testify before a Congressional Committee is not the same as preparing a courtroom witness. The rules and procedures are different. There are public policy considerations as well as opportunities. If you are going to testify under oath, such as pursuant to a Congressional subpoena, the legal ramifications can be significant.

Congress does a majority of its most important legislative business in Congressional Committees. It is also where a majority of the legislative is created. We can help you and your organization or corporation identify opportunities to testify and prepare you for that process. In this extremely dynamic environment, you need to be aware of the public policy, legal, as well as other considerations such as the political impact of what will be said. 

Our Attorneys understand this process well because most of them used to work in senior roles in Capitol Hill for numerous Congressional Committees and for Members of Congress. We have planned, organized, and managed Congressional oversight hearings as well as investigations. We focus on both the legal and public policy dimensions of what you will say before, during, and well after you testify.

While Congressional oversight hearings present opportunities, some of these Congressional interactions also come with political and, at times, legal risk. For example, Congressional hearings that do not go well can lead to further Congressional review as well as investigations by executive-branch federal agencies, including criminal investigations.

Whether under oath or part of a routine Congressional oversight hearing, generally speaking testifying before Congress is a unique opportunity to influence lawmaking as well as the policy process. We will work with you to ensure that your Congressional experience is a good one and, most importantly, that your voice will be heard in this extremely dynamic process. 

A sampling of Services Offered

  • Witness preparation, including testimony drafting
  • Congressional hearing mock-up drills
  • Coordination with Congressional staff before and after hearings
  • Congressional Member and Staff technical briefings
  • Policy development
  • Legislation review and analysis
  • Drafting policy position papers
  • Legislative drafting