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Defense of Fundamental Freedoms Around the World

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ArmandoV ArtPobleteTamargo offers counsel to victims of human rights abuses including political prisoners, victims of torture, and other forms of state-sponsored actions that violate fundamental freedoms.

Some of these centuries old, historic liberties that form the foundation of a free society include due process, freedom of movement and association, and the right to own property, among many more, and no government, nor any international organization, can ever take away, nor change these, to suit a political or other end. 

Abuses of fundamental freedoms can manifest in many forms. PobleteTamargo works with individuals targeted by governments in a variety of ways and depending on the particular circumstances of a given case. 

Many times, targeted parties reside in countries where rule of law is non-existent.  We then turn to multilateral bodies, non governmental organizations (NGOs), other US and foreign public and private stakeholders, and as appropriate, US policymakers, to provide relief and help secure justice for these individuals.

Services include:

  • Petitions and advocacy before international and regional organizations
  • Partnering with in-country attorneys  to hold lawbreakers accountable 
  • Defending from INTERPOL abuses by foreign governments
  • Representation before US courts and regulatory agencies
  • Public policy advocacy in the United States

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