UPDATE 13- Fourth Week of Hunger Strike Zakka Says "Liberty or Death...there is no turning back"

Statement on the Continued Unlawful Detention of Internet Freedom Advocate Nizar Zakka

4th Week of Hunger Strike Zakka Says:  “liberty or death … there is no turning back”

U.S. Legal Permanant Resident and Internet Freedom Advocate Nizar Zakka has begun the fourth week of his hunger strike protesting the false charges and cruel treatment he has been subjected to by Iran. Mr. Zakka’s attorney in the United States, Mr. Jason Poblete released the following statement:

Determined more than ever to secure his freedom, Mr. Zakka has started his fourth week of hunger strike to protest the false charges against him as well as the cruel treatment that he has been subjected to in Evin Prison. As he has done since the onset of this ordeal, Nizar maintains his innocence and seeks the unconditional release from Iranian captivity.

Nizar has been subjected to unspeakable acts of physical and psychological torture in violation of his fundamental liberties. Iranian officials know very well that torture, under any circumstances, is unacceptable. The prohibition against torture is so widely accepted that it is now a fundamental principle of customary international law.  To this day, Iran has repeatedly violated the United Nations Convention Against Torture and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Despite significant pressures from his jailers in Evin, this past weekend Nizar said he remains committed to the hunger strike, for himself and others unjustly held, adding it is “liberty or death … there is no turning back.” Nizar is fighting not only for his liberty but also his life. On behalf of Nizar, we strongly urge all parties in a position to do so, to act swiftly to secure his release on a humanitarian basis.

Nizar was kidnapped by the Iranian regime on September 18, 2015. Nizar was in Iran because he was invited to speak by Shahindokht Molaverdi at a women’s Internet conference. Molaverdi is a member of Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet and serves as the vice president of Iran for Women and Family Affairs.   


More information on Nizar Zakka’s case can be found below.


Matter of Nizar Zakka – Hostage in Iran (YouTube)


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