PT Law Attorney Poblete Keynotes at Conference Hosted by the Peruvian Congress and IRI

Last week Poblete Tamargo’s Jason Poblete was a keynote speaker at a conference in the Peruvian Congress co-hosted by the International Republican Institute (IRI) and the Second Vice-President of the Peruvian Congress, Congressman Juan Carlos Eguren. Poblete and IRI personnel met in Lima, Peru with Members of the Peruvian Congress and senior staff to discuss the importance of legislative oversight in the American federal system.

The seminar was part of IRI’s ongoing efforts to help foster more representative and transparent and policy-focused practices by political parties as well as a more informed and active citizenry in the Western Hemisphere. This two-day program with Peruvian Members of Congress and parliamentary personnel provided participants the opportunity to discuss how to improve legislative oversight in the Peruvian Congress. 

“The Peruvian Congress has a great pool of talented and dedicated personnel. The Members and staff we met with are eager to keep improving legislative oversight process. We learned a lot and hope our contributions about our experiences in the US Congress will be of use to them,” Poblete said. “Congressman Eguren is a reform leader who is passionate and committed to institutional reform of the Peruvian Congress. We appreciated the opportunity and look forward to the next round,” Poblete added.

For the past two decades, IRI has worked to foster more representative and transparent and policy-focused practices by political parties and a more informed and active citizenry. IRI’s partners in this effort include parties from across the political spectrum and from the national to the local level. You can learn more about IRI’s Western Hemisphere programs in Peru and other countries by visiting their website.








































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