Obama Regulations Chip Away at Cuba Embargo

As a part of the Obama Administration’s policy of renewing relations with Cuba, regulations from the Commerce and Treasury Departments have been finalized, which will ease sanctions and weaken the US Trade Embargo on Cuba.

In an article from the Washington Examiner, the reactions of legislators and those on capitol hill to unilateral action taken by the President are discussed. Representatives from both the Treasury and Commerce Department voiced support for the regulatory changes supporting the President’s Cuba policy. Multiple members of Congress, however expressed their disagreement with the amendments which will become official as of Monday, September 21, once they are published in the Federal Register.

Critics of the administration’s steps toward normal relations express concern over the concessions beng made to the Castro regime with little to no return from the Cuban government.

Jason Poblete, attorney with Poblete Tamargo, a firm representing claimants still waiting for the Obama Administration to acknowledge the billions of dollars in seized assets taken by the Castro regime following the revolution in 1959, spoke to the Washington Examiner as an expert on sanctions on Cuba on the lack of a real private sector in Cuban

commerce as the Castro government maintains control over the majority of all businesses. This control makes any private-sector activity subject to intervention by the Cuban government.

The complete editorial and commentary from the Washington Examiner can be read here.

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