Peruvian Members of Congress Visit with Poblete Tamargo

Friday, 28 June 2013 00:00
Members of the Peruvian Congress from various political parties were in Washington, DC last week for meetings with public and private sector leaders to discuss the American political system. Poblete Tamargo Attorneys met with the group to discuss federal regulatory matters as well as the role of the U.S. Congress in that process.


(Washington, DC) A group of parliamentarians from Peru's Congress were in Washington, DC last week on a trip sponsored by USAID and the International Republican Institute (IRI). Poblete Tamargo Attorney Jason Poblete met with the group to discuss legislative oversight and institutional reform.

In December 2012, attorneys from Poblete Tamargo traveled to Lima, Peru to participate in a conference at the Peruvian Congress co-hosted by IRI and the Second Vice-President of the Peruvian Congress, Congressman Juan Carlos Eguren. 

Poblete and IRI personnel met in Lima, Peru with Members of the Peruvian Congress and senior Peruvian Congressionla staff to discuss the importance of legislative oversight in the American federal system. Other topics included the importance of transparency and strong legislative processes in order to build confidence in regional markets and related matters. 

During last week's visit to Washington, DC, the parlimentarians from various political parties in Peru met with a variety of U.S. Government and private sector leaders to better understand how the U.S. political system operates.

The delegation was comprised of the following Members of Congress:

  1. Hon. Marco Falconi, Peru Posible Party
  2. Hon. Humberto Lay, National Restoration Party
  3. Hon. Cecilia Tait, Peru Posible Party
  4. Hon. Ramon Kobashigawa, Fuerza Popular Party
  5. Hon. Vicente Zeballos, Solidaridad Nacional Party
  6. Hon. Rosa Mavila, Gana Peru Party
  7. Hon. Normal Lewis, Peru Posible Party