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Despite White House Opening, Exports to Cuba Continue to Drop

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015 02:51

In an article published in the Miami Herald, US agricultural food exports to Cuba are discussed as the United States works to open trade with the Island. Recent reports have shown a large decrease in exports from the Agricultural sector to Cuba in spite of the ongoing efforts to normalize relations with Cuba.

 Exports of Food and agricultural products to Cuba were authorized under a 2000 trade law. According to data taken from the US-Cuba Trade and Economic Council, exports this year have dropped despite the new efforts by the Obama administration to normalize relations. Taking a look at the numbers, in August 2014, the value of food and agriculture exports to Cuba were approximately $14.4 million, those same exports in August of 2015 only valued around $2.3 million.

Jason Poblete, an international regulatory lawyer with Poblete Tamargo, LLP comments on these numbers in relation to overall diplomatic efforts between the two nations.

"The concessions made by the president were significant -- and yet you don't see any evidence of Cuba reforming their economy or addressing US concerns such as certified claims or human rights," said Poblete. "My sense is that nothing that has happened this year is going to move the needle in any appreciable way. They're playing a political game of chicken, hoping Congress will ease sanctions, especially the credit prohibitions."

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